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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cool! 'Face Your Farmer' has an IndieGoGo Campaign!

From the site:

"Our Story

We are creating the story together with you.

'Face Your Farmer' connects people in cities to those in rural areas who are our Farmers. We strive to build communities without borders and remove the veil of mystery that separates people from farms.

In this age we face seemingly insurmountable problems with food security, food freedom and awareness around how food gets from farm to table. With a dwindling oil supply, local economies are becoming a necessity. We explore this new economic reality.

'Face Your Farmer' chronicles the journey of an organic farmer and a farm shy tech enthusiast across 5 Canadian provinces and countless rural and urban communities. We will bridge this gap through education, advocacy and fun! If we can get it funded, the tour can be expanded!

Share our adventures with us and get involved as we prepare to 'Face Your Farmers'..."

more deets on IndieGoGo

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